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  • Activities in Singapore

    Popular Activities in Singapore

    Singapore is a beautiful city with an oriental flavour. Based on an island there are many" must do`s" for the holiday maker. We have pulled together a guide on what you mustn`t miss during your stay.

    You could have a wonderful time on Stenosa island home to a number of activities for all the family`s little island without even going into the city. There are three beaches to chose from and also nature trails through the semi tropical vegetation. Plenty of bars and restaurants offer refreshment as you explore. Combine this with an aquarium and underwater lagoon, butterfly gardens and the exciting Sky Tower (plus the cable car ride to the top) and its a day (or two) that will keep everyone happy.

    On the island you will find Underwater World,an Aquarium that houses 2500 marine species Its a fun family day out with a spot of education thrown in. Join the dive programs and have fun watching the Dolphins; or combine both and have a once in a lifetime chance to swim with the friendly creatures themselves.

    The Singapore Zoo is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. The Zoo allows visitors to observe the animals in a natural environment. A little tram will take you on a ride around the park and there are plenty of refreshment places on site.

    Another excellent attraction for all is the Jurong Bird park. Penguins live here alongside parrots and this is a family attraction not to be missed while in Singapore.

    The Night Safari is a nocturnal experience that all the family will enjoy as they explore the tropical jungle in search of wildlife. Over 1000 animals live in this grassy forest and come out to play at night, the subtle lighting technique used means that they still roam freely but the visitors can still see them clearly.

    Singapore is a haven for shopaholics. Orchard Road is a must on the shoppers itinerary. Packed with modern malls and hotels this street is a spectacular sight at Christmas when the lights go on. Nick nacks and other souvenirs can be found at Chinatown, Arab Street and Little India. The shops here stay open until eleven at night in most areas so there`s no need to miss out on a daytime adventure. The mid year Great sale is a time for bargain hunters when the prices plummet, but as shopping is one of Singapore`s national pastimes be prepared to fight for the bargain!

    The residents of Singapore love nothing better than a night out in a restaurant. If you fancy a meal in timeless elegance try the Raffles Hotel Grill, the most exclusive restaurant in town. There are also places where you can eat Chinese, Indian to French, Italian to Malay food. It may be a small country but the choices of food available is always an eye opener for first timers to Singapore.

    Singapore may seem like a far distant destination to many cheap flights to Singapore makes this exotic destination far more affordable, so treat yourself to the variety that this amazing city has to offer.